Hillsborough Women in Tech (Start Somewhere)

I was given the great honor of participating in the Hillsborough Women in Technology (HWiT) panel. We were able to share words of inspiration and the how/who/what/when/why we started and stayed in Technology.

Thank you to Jennifer Whelihan for this wonderful opportunity.

Read more about the Tampa event:

Kimball will moderate the interactive panel, featuring Luisa Bracamonte, a market researcher and investment analyst with the University of Tampa; Stephanie Tripp, associate professor of communication with the University of Tampa; Keosha Poole, a University of South Florida student entrepreneur; Stephanie Ashley, with USF Connect, a network of innovation-based companies; Nina Sanka, a systems analyst and network engineer; and Yael Monereau, a mechanical engineer representing the National Society of Black Engineers.

“Role models have been missing,” said Terri Willingham, regional director for FIRST STEM education programs in Central Florida.

Gender stereotypes is another reason for the disproportionate number of women to men in the STEM fields.

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