PartPic and CoFounder Jewel

Jewel is an inspiration to all us, who may come from a limited knowledge, but who know they should and need to make a difference. Named one of Forbes 30Under30, the folks at PartPic are using photography and data mining to make an internet of change. Check out the short video below of Jewel’s interview, where she identifies the catalyst to this idea and talks about the leap of faith that led her there.
Having worked in the world of Automotive Aftermarket and a car lover, I can relate to the idea of not being able to find a specific part, because the data science just isn’t there. As a product analyst I would have loved to have access to this technology, especially when the part or model was so rare, no longer being manufactured, or just plain rusted beyond recognition.

Keep up the great work!!! #BecauseOfThemWeCan

Forbes 30 Under 30 interviews Jewel Burks
Built with computer vision technology, it allows customers to use a smartphone to search for a needed part—whether for an automobile or a drill press—and order it quickly. She cofounded the company with Jason Crain, another former Googler, who was working at Shazam, and got the company going with the help of a few Georgia Tech programmers. The pair has raised $1.5 million to date, but their biggest validation was meeting President Obama this summer for the first-ever White House Demo Day.

What is “PartPic”?

Co-Founder of PartPic Jewel Burks Keynote – Black Tech Week 2015

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