Goals Statement

I Goals Statement, Program of Study and Résumé

1. Goals Statement – a goals statement describing specifically the kind of position you expect to hold when you graduate. The goals statement should be specific and thorough enough to explain to your advisor and to other reviewers of the portfolio how the portfolio is going to be used and what it is trying to convey. This will likely be a different goals statement than the one you might show a prospective or current employer. Your goals statement should begin with a brief overview statement of your desired employment, key skill areas required, and a self-assessment of the extent to which you have mastered these skill areas. The introductory statement should then be followed by a detailed description of how the artifacts included in the portfolio serve as evidence of your skills.

Introductory Statement

As an Instructional Designer and Technologist I look forward to being able to create resources that help people learn. The duration of my career will consist of producing, researching, consulting, as well as, discovering new learning techniques that assist the advancement of Education. I have completed work in the educational, corporate, and non-profit arenas for training, documentation, and archiving purposes. I most thoroughly enjoy preparing documents used to supplement face-to-face and/or distance learning. Distance education is a strong suit for me as I like to work out the logistics of learning path and can sit for hours executing a dynamic course.

For each skill area, you should identify

(a) the skill,

(b) the related artifacts in the portfolio that serve as evidence of the skill, and

(c) how the artifact illustrates the purported skill. In your description, you should emphasize the reasons why you think the artifact is a good illustration that you have mastered a skill. Close alignment between your professional goals, key skill areas, and relevant portfolio artifacts will be the key criterion the reviewers will use for evaluating your portfolio.