Celebrated “World Emoji Day”

To celebrate World Emoji Day, I made an army of Women in STEM Graduates! Google showcased Made With Code on their landing page to demo how coding is everywhere. Made a quick emoji army of Women in STEM Graduates! Interestingly enough what started with playing in block code, took me to coding in HTML, and started…

Successfully Earn a STEM Associate Degree in Community College – US News

Tips to help you on the journey to become a S.T.E.M. expert: 1. Build math skills 2. Find a mentor 3. Take advantage of STEM resources http://www.usnews.com/education/community-colleges/articles/2015/03/24/successfully-earn-a-stem-associate-degree-in-community-college   Original Article Credit: Briana Boyington is an education Web producer at U.S. News. You can follow her onTwitter or email her at bboyington@usnews.com.