Good versus Bad Design

It’s Friday and I was doing some research today to find a new digital storyboard option. Found a few that I want to test out, but in addition to my research I stumbled upon this great article by Johnny Hamilton titled 10 Guidelines Emphasize Visual Design in Your eLearning. His article highlighted some of the common knowledge that comes from just the natural wanting to be in the Instructional Design and Technology field, but then introduced some newer concepts for:

  • Content Copy
  • Font Formatting
  • Layout
  • Color
  • Consistency

Take 6-8 minutes to read J. Hamilton’s article and see how it can help you grow your Instructional Design know-how. My featured image is courtesy of Rudolf Ammann (Photo Credit).

Additional Note:
This summer I look to organize and build my professional portfolio, so as I find more articles like this I will share them with the world! I am excited about the range, depth, and possibility of my portfolio and will be developing it here.


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